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Is Your Love a Gift?

“Love is like a hidden dream in your heart, awaiting expression. Love goes with you. It is a treasure you get to bestow on others. In some cases, your treasure may be their only hope.” -Karen Isenhower

Do you realize the treasure of love you give others when you smile at your friends, politely listen to coworkers, help an elderly person, or hug your kid and tell them how much they mean to you, even your teen? (Before they squirm away from you and roll their eyes, pretending they aren’t secretly relishing in your attention?)

Or are we so wrapped up in our own drama that all we do is add to the drama of everyone we encounter with our short tempers, hurtful comments, and the constant demand that life be all about us, 24/7?

Can you listen to someone for more than thirty seconds without getting the itch to turn away from them to check your smartphone? Virtual life is usually so much easier, after all, then the real thing…

And that’s the thing. Life is REAL. And your caring about others MATTERS.

So, put down the phone. Turn and face the person talking to you. Look them in the eyes, so they can see that you are paying attention. Touch them if appropriate to the situation/relationship. And REALLY listen. No thinking about what you are going to say next to control the conversation. No advice. Sympathize if appropriate. Don’t turn the conversation back to you. In fact, don’t say anything about yourself at all.

Your time with others can be a giving of your love. And “in some cases, your treasure may be their only hope.” Yes. You have that kind of power. You can give others hope, simply by showing up emotionally to them as a giver of a bit of time and attention. It’s that easy. And that powerful.

Here are some fun tips and insights:

- Autumn Starks, LCSW (about)

Founder and Psychotherapist, Starks Therapy Group

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