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{ and deconstructing of faith }

Doubting your faith or spirituality can be an anxiety-inducing experience. Coming to terms with questions you have about your beliefs can bring you to a place where you feel very unsure about the outcome and also very alone – you might not be ready to share with the people around you what’s going on, and they might not be ready to hear. 


Enter therapy. When doing therapy around existential questions and potential religious trauma, you will find a relationship where it is safe to admit your questions and to explore what they may mean for you. Here at Starks Therapy Group, our approach to this type of therapy is to invite you into a process of self-discovery and curiosity. It will be a supportive space for you to process your past experiences, your current questions, and how you want to move forward. You will have the space and freedom to explore your own beliefs.


You won't hear us dispensing answers or pushing our own beliefs. We commit to continuously inviting you into a process of exploration and curiosity – that way you will be able make decisions that align with the core of who you are. Exploring and questioning your faith and spirituality can come with both grief and relief – we will be with you through it all.

Grace Harrington, LCSW

Grace Harrington

"In our sessions, I focus on developing a safe relationship so we can openly and honestly explore your questions and figure out what it means for you. I use humor and empathy often, as I believe both laughter and difficult emotions are important parts of the human experience." 

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