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What to Say to Your Kids After School

You’ve lived this scene. Your son or daughter comes home from school. You ask “How was your day?” And the youngster says, “Fine." You then ask, “What’d you learn today?” And the kid grows more voluble, doubling the length of the answer: “Not much.” Maybe there’s a better way. In Lifehacker, Alice Bradley suggests the following: When you’re reunited at the end of the day, look at [your child] and say the following: “Hey, I’m so happy to see you.” Then shut up.

This excerpt is from Daniel Pink, the author of When, a groundbreaking book about why timing in almost every area of life is SO important. Did you know that “when” you do something can be more important than how you do it? An interesting read.

And here’s another bit of great advice about giving feedback to kids:

PINKCAST: This is how to give better feedback in just 19 words Giving feedback is challenging. But this 78-second Pinkcast reveals the 19 words that research shows can make your feedback more effective. To watch, just click the image below.

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